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Silver General Company (SGC) is a legally registered profit-making private company that has been working for the last 6 years providing transportation service in Somalia having established on 10th October 2015 by private business entrepreneurs willing to tap the existing windows of business opportunities and construction sector in Somalia.

The Silver General Company with the aim of providing efficient and standard services to the satisfaction of the client has conducted services related with business, construction, rehabilitation of infrastructures and environmental promotion for better community living standard and increasing profits.

Silver General Company is a company specialized in Contracting services, consulting, Civil construction/rehabilitation works, it handles the design, consultancy, building and construction of infrastructure, installation and building water tanks and making drainage system, airport construction, road construction/rehabilitations logistics, and all associated works.

Sectors Focused

* Construction of infrastructures work

* Rehabilitation of infrastructure

* Development Programs

* Environmental Promotion

* Logistics

Coverage area

Somalia – throughout Somalia

The aims and purpose of the company

* To develop and provide appropriate services that can enhance community living, increase profit and maximize community benefit thereby acting as agent towards sustainable development in Somalia.

* Produce well-designed structures in a strategically planed, timely and construction work targeting areas South and Central States of Somalia

* Deliver tangible development program and services for environmental improvement.

Company’s Mission

* To provide constructional services that rank among the best in terms of safety, comfort and reliability in the job completion and also maintaining good relation with customer for the client and the company’s interest

Company’s Vision

* Efficiency and the constructional services which is desirable for customer and of good income realized

* Remain as the most constructive constructional company uniquely renowned for its design personal touch, warmth, and efficiency.


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